Auxiliary / emergency power generators

Marine auxiliary/emergency power generators

Bostek designs and assembles auxiliary and emergency power generators for maritime use based on MTU Series 2000 and Series 4000 engines

The generator sets are designed by our engineering department in collaboration with MTU. We have focused in particular on minimising vibration levels, optimising service availability, simplifying the task of installation on board vessels, and competitive prices and lifecycle costs. The generator sets are assembled at our production premises in Bergen.

The generator sets are operated by MTU Series 2000 and Series 4000 engines, and we can offer outputs from approximately 400 ekW to approximately 2,900 ekW. The engine design results in a very high power-to-weight ratio, low emissions, low lifecycle costs with time between overhauls (TBO) of up to 42,000 hours, and high reliability and availability. We use recognised brands of generators, but can also use customer-specified generators.

Bostek Marine Genset is available for both fixed (50, 60 Hz) and variable frequencies. Bostek can also offer an isochrone load-sharing system of our own design.

The standard Bostek Marine Genset for auxiliary and emergency power generation uses a solution based on flange-connected generators, but a free-standing generator solution is also available.

Vibration measurements during testing of our generator sets have shown very good results.

Together with very quick response to load increases and emission levels well below the limits set out in IMO Tier II, this makes Bostek Marine Genset a very good choice, whether for diesel-electric propulsion or emergency power supply, or for ordinary power generation while in port.

The generator sets come complete with all necessary additional equipment according to the customer’s needs.

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