Engine workshop

Engine workshop

The engine workshop offers overhaul of engines and components performed by certified personnel

When quality counts

The engine workshop is located on the ground floor of the building. The premises are expediently designed and adapted for carrying out full overhauls of MTU and Mercedes Benz marine and industrial engines of up to approximately 1,500 kW. The workshop has separate premises for overhauling individual components such as water pumps, turbos and cylinder heads.

All overhauls are carried out in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications by certified personnel using original spare parts only. In addition to the engine mechanics, all electronic systems are inspected and tested.

The work is carried out in accordance with specified procedures to assure high quality and to detect any non-conformities in relation to the manufacturer’s tolerances. The engines are test run and function tested. Engine load tests can be carried out if required.

The workshop has online communication with the manufacturer and all modifications and upgrades are recorded on the engine’s original data card. All engine overhauls are documented in separate reports.

The customer is invited to monitor our work at any time.