MTU Distributor

MTU Distributor

MTU is a leading supplier of diesel engines offering a wide and modern range of products for ships and onshore and offshore industry etc.

Bostek has more than 45 years’ experience as an importer and distributor of diesel engines and propulsion systems from MTU, one of the world’s leading manufacturers.


MTU supplies a wide range of diesel engines for ships, onshore industry, agriculture, railways, military vehicles, and the oil and gas industry. For commercial applications, the range includes the renowned Series 2000 engines (outputs from 300 to 1,500 kW) and Series 4000 engines (outputs from 700 to 3,500 kW).

These diesel engines, renowned for their excellent quality, are highly suitable for maritime applications due to their high power-to-weight ratio. The engines are economical, environmentally friendly and robust.

Engine control unit

The electronic engine control unit (ECU) forms the brain of any modern engine. It monitors and controls key functions and is the interface with the vessels’ automation systems.
The control unit optimises all parameters to minimise environmentally harmful gas emissions, economise on fuel consumption and ensure high performance throughout the engine’s life.

MTU has a leading technological position thanks to the technology it has developed in the areas of turbo-charging, common rail diesel injection and electronics. All this has been developed by MTU to ensure the optimum functioning of all components.